About Barrow Olives

Barrow Olives commenced in 1993 with the purchase of a mature grove of 840 Verdale trees at Vinifera which is located 25km north-west of Swan Hill on the Murray River in Victoria, Australia. The quality of the soil, the mediterranean-style climate and availability of irrigation water make this an ideal location for producing premium quality olive oil and table olives.
The grove has a very low environmental footprint. It is trickle irrigated and there is no tillage. Also no sprays or chemical fertilisers are used. 
The olives are processed on site within 25 hours of harvesting using a modern press located in a temperature controlled environment. Any organic waste is returned to compost naturally.
Barrow Premium Olive Oil has won major awards including Best in Show at the Royal Melbourne Show and Best in Class at the Easter Royal Sydney Show.

Graham Barrow is an environmental engineer specialising in irrigation and waste-water. He has held senior positions with Agriculture Victoria and the EPA and has been working as a consultant engineer for the past few years, now mostly retired.