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Our Olive Grove has been sold

5th March 2020

Graham has found a buyer for his olive grove and processing equipment. The new owners will take possession after this coming harvest which will finish in May. So sadly, this will be our last harvest but we will continue selling our olive oil through farmers markets in Melbourne (Elwood 2nd Sat, Flemington 2nd Sun, Brighton 3rd Sat) until we sell out of the new season’s (2020) olive oil. We will also continue to sell directly through our online shop.

The new owners will be shadowing Graham during this harvest as they plan to continue producing premium quality extra virgin olive oil on the grove. They will be learning how to operate the olive press and how the grove is maintained. If you subscribe to our newsletter (see right) you will get an updates as further information comes to hand, or you can follow us on facebook to keep abreast of what’s happening.

Thanks for being loyal customers. The new seasons early harvest extra virgin olive oil should be on sale by July. Graham has enjoyed this journey for the past 27 years immensely and it will be a sad day when the last harvest is over.

Our Olive Grove is for Sale

24th December 2019

Since 1993 Graham Barrow has owned the 7 hectare grove of 840 Verdale olive trees in Vinifera, 25km north of Swan Hill. The trees were planted in the late 1950s. Since then Graham has installed drip-line irrigation, installed a FIMO olive press purchased from Italy, purchased the adjacent 9 hectare block with a house and services, and established a profitable olive oil business selling his award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil through provedores and farmers markets in the district and in Melbourne. There are also online sales through our online shop.

But time marches on and Graham and his partner Monica would like to retire in north-east Victoria nearer family. Both blocks are for sale and could be sold together or separately so contact us if you are interested.

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New season oil now for sale

30th June 2019

The new season’s early harvest (premium) extra virgin olive oil is now available. You can buy it from us at our farmers market stalls or order it here. It tastes very fresh, fruity and grassy with a mild pepperiness – a feature of the Verdale variety olives which were planted on our grove more than 60 years ago. 

We have also bottled the new season agrumato (or pressed) garlic olive oil, mandarin olive oil, lemon olive oil and chilli olive oil. We have crushed large quantities of locally grown garlic, lemons, mandarins and chilli with our olives before pressing. We have also crushed our own Tahitian Limes with our olives to produce lime pressed olive oil which we will be bottling during this month. Come and taste the difference.

Meawhile we still have some of last seasons premium, lemon, lime and chilli pressed oil for sale which we are discounting. With a best before date of June 2020 they are a bargain.

The last crush

29 May 2019

Yes the harvest is over for 2019. We have run out of trees with enough olives unfortunately. So with our last pick this morning we added the mandarins we picked from a tree on Monday (thanks Kingfisher Citrus) and pressed some mandarin olive oil. So no mid-harvest or late-harvest olive oil this year – only our best premium early harvest oil and our garlic, chilli, lemon, lime and mandarin pressed oils.



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Agrumato Olive Oil now being pressed.

23 May 2019

We finished the production of our early harvest premium extra virgin olive oil almost two weeks ago. We are now well into the production of our pressed flavoured olive oils or “agrumato” oils as they call them in Italy. The chilli, lime and lemon oils are now settling in their respective vats and we are dismembering garlic in the evenings ready for the next day when after we finish picking we crush them with the olives before pressing to produce our very popular garlic oil.

We are still making it to all our farmers markets with Cohuna Farmers & Makers Market this Sunday followed by the Swan Hill Farmers Market next Sunday the 2nd June, Elwood Farmers Market on Saturday 8th June and Flemington Farmers Market on Sunday 9th June.